Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?


Yes! Bernedoodles are hypoallergenic. However, understand this. 

How much the Bernedoodle sheds is directly linked to how hypoallergenic it is.


If you want a hypoallergenic dog, you need a dog that doesn’t shed much. Shedding creates more pet dander. More pet dander creates more allergy issues for those individuals who are allergic.

So maybe we need a little more information to answer the question: are bernedoodles hypoallergenic.

So, How Much Does a Bernedoodle Shed?

The answer is – it depends! The amount of shedding is linked to genetics, puppy characteristics, coat texture/type, and how much poodle is in the Bernedoodle.

You see, poodles have low to no shed. Bernese Mountain dogs shed a lot. When you have 50% poodle, and 50% Bernese Mountain dog, you get a fairly low shed, hypoallergenic dog. This is called an F1 Bernedoodle.

When you breed a poodle to a Bernedoodle, you get even lower shed and more hypoallergenic. This is an F1b Bernedoodle.

When you breed a Bernedoodle to a Bernedoodle, you get an F2 Bernedoodle, also more hypoallergenic, as it has more poodle.

Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?

The more poodle in the puppy, the less shed and the more hypoallergenic the puppy will be.

More shed = more allergy-causing potential (more pet dander)

Less shed = less allergy-causing potential (less pet dander)

Find the Right Match

Your breeder can help you find the right match for you and your family. The breeder can usually tell, even from the beginning, which puppies are more prone to shedding. She spends lots of time with these puppies and will know: Is that bernedoodle hypoallergenic? Will this puppy be one to shed more or less?

Often, just by looking at the coat texture, a breeder can make an educated prediction of whether or not a puppy will shed more or less. So talk to your breeder! She will help you answer the question: Will this puppy be hypoallergenic?  She wants to make sure the puppy is a good fit for you. A breeding relationship is a partnership. Don’t be afraid to talk to your breeder about your needs. She wants to ensure this works out for you, your family, and the sweet puppy.

So, Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?

The answer remains the same. Yes, they are! But work with your breeder to ensure you get a puppy with low shed potential.

Bernedoodle Hypoallergic Tips

The more poodle in the Bernedoodle, the more Hypoallergenic
Work with your Breeder!
Every puppy is different! Your puppy will vary from puppies in the same litter.

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