Time to give your Bernedoodle a haircut? Here are some tips.


Like any doodles, Bernedoodles require haircuts to keep them nice and clean. But these haircuts can be quite a headache for dog owners. How often does bernedoodle grooming need to be? What is the proper haircut to give a bernedoodle? We are here to answer some of these questions many bernedoodle owners have.

The Basics of a Bernedoodle Coat

Bernedoodles can have wavy or curly coats. Depending on their parents, this will vary. Overall, the haircuts between them are similar. Bernedoodle haircuts vary. Those with wavy hair will have more straight hair from the Bernese Mountain dog, with slight bends from the poodle hair’s curl. This hair type will not matt nearly to the extent that curly hair will, but it should still be maintained to prevent them. The other coat type will be the curly type, which stems more from the poodle hair than the Bernese Mountain dog hair. Curly hair will be more prone to matting, therefore, is a bit more extensive in the grooming process.

How often do I need to get my Bernedoodle a haircut?

Whether curly or wavy coat, the time between bernedoodle haircuts should ideally be 6-8 weeks. We recommend getting your Bernedoodle on a strict haircut schedule with their groomer or yourself if you prefer. Between grooms, daily or every other day, brushing your Bernedoodle to prevent matting is recommended. Without it, their haircut is more problematic. A recommended brush for Bernedoodle is a good slicker brush and a steel tooth comb. Here are some that we recommend.

What type of haircut should my Bernedoodle have?

Dependent on the time of year, your Bernadoodle haircut may vary.

For the wintertime, a winter cut is what we recommend. This haircut includes leaving the hair longer and trimming the face, feet, and fanny. This haircut could be ideal for Bernedoodles with the wavy coat type considering they will not matt as quickly, and brushing will not be near the task as those with the curly coat. But, if you still like an easy, little effort-in-between haircuts type of cut, this might not be for you.

Kennel Bernedoodle Haircut

If you want a lower-maintenance haircut that requires less brushing and less frequent trips to the groomer, go for the kennel cut. This haircut will include a short all-over haircut. You can suggest whatever length you want (from a complete shave to a slight trim). The body, face, ears, bum, and feet will be the same length. Bernedoodle haircuts that leave the dog’s coat shorter can be ideal for the curly coat type. It will prevent matting and make brushing the dog’s hair easier.

Summer Haircut

In the summertime, a summer cut would be appropriate. You can expect the body to be shorter from a summer cut and the face, feet, and fanny to be as usual or as you wish. A summer haircut is ideal for either curly or wavy coats.

Poodle Bernedoodle Haircut

Some prefer the poodle cut, which requires more maintenance but is a beautiful haircut. The belly, feet, and bum are cut shorter, while the body and face are left at a longer length. A strict brushing schedule will be needed between grooming appointments to prevent matting, which can be prevalent with the poodle cut.

Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is the most popular among Bernedoodle owners. It is also used as the puppy cut for Bernedoodles. This cut is similar to that of a teddy bear, the ears are fluffy, and the dog is trimmed to look like a teddy bear face. This Bernedoodle haircut requires brushing like most others but can be customized to fit the owner and their Bernedoodle’s needs.

These are just some of the different haircuts that your Bernedoodle can have. All require some maintenance, like frequent brushing and baths now and then, but overall these dogs are easy to maintain.

Don’t let anyone fool you; your Bernedoodle WILL require frequent bernedoodle grooming and haircuts to maintain its coat, but it is all worth it! These dogs are non-shedding and have excellent temperaments. So, get your Bernedoodle babies in for their haircuts, give their coats frequent brushing, and enjoy those gorgeous, wavy pooches.