Dog Boarding

The Furry Farmhouse

Need to be away, but can’t take your furry friend?  Bring them to us!  We strive to make The Furry Farmhouse feel like their home away from home.  We offer multiple options for boarding, including Farmhouse Suites, kennels, as well as crate boarding.


VIP Farmhouse Suite $45 per 24 hours

Kennel Boarding (4 x 5 kennel)  $40 per 24 hours

Crate Boarding $35 per 24 hours

XL Kennel Boarding $45 per 24 hours

VIP Farmhouse Suite

The VIP Farmhouse suite features an upscale 6x 6 kennel, also with a raised bed and television access.

$45 per 24 hours

One Week     $315 per week

Add’l Dog Same Household  $35 per 24 hrs

Kennel Boarding

Our standard boarding kennels are roomy    4 x 5 kennels, each with a raised bed.

$40 per 24 hours

One Week     $280 per week

Add’l Dog Same Household  $30 per 24 hrs

Crate Boarding

We also offer budget-friendly crate boarding in various sizes, depending upon your furry friend’s needs.

$35 per 24 hours

One Week     $245 per week

Crate boarding accommodates one dog only.

XL Kennel Boarding

XL Kennels are 10 x 10 to allow extra space for large breed or multiple dogs.

It includes a raised bed for each dog.

$45 per 24 hours

One Week $315 per week

Add’l Dog Same Household $35 per 24 hrs

Additional add-ons are available for purchase when booking.

50% deposit is required for boarding reservations

All prices do not include 6% sales tax

A 3.5% service fee will be applied to all credit card purchases

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for additional details.