just right dog food

The Cost of the Food – Is it Just Right?

Just Right dog food is on the high end – ain’t gonna lie. So, the cost of the food is a consideration. We purchased the food for our Bernese Mountain Dog, Dumplin’. Her total came to around $90 for 28 days worth of food, which according to Purina Just Right, was a little over $3 a day for her food.

She is use to eating Purina Pro Plan specialty food already, so this really isn’t a huge jump cost wise for us. We have been paying close to $70 for a large bag of this food from Chewy.

See our post about our dog, Waffles, and how she did with Purina ProPlan food.

We’ve discovered Dumplin’ really cannot eat any food with chicken in it, as she has really soft stool to the point of diarrhea. So when thinking about a food catered to her specifically, Just Right dog food seemed worth a try.

Overall, this food is NOT a cheap food. But if you are desiring a blend of dog food specifically designed to meet your dog’s needs, you may be willing to pay for it.

It Comes With Your Dog’s Picture on the Bag!

It may seem silly, but the fact that I can upload a picture of our dog to be placed on the packaging of the bag, makes it so much more exciting! It’s fun finding a photo of Dumplin’ to put on the bag. The preview of the bag is so cute!

The Just Right Ordering Process

The ordering process is actually very simple. We go through a series of questions related to our dog, and then at the end, are presented with the option to purchase. So you can actually go through the whole ordering process to see what they recommend for your dog, without actually having to purchase.

Make Sure You Try to Find a Coupon Code!

Always, always search for a coupon code online when ordering anything! We were able to find a coupon code for the Just Right dog food on Honey – SAVE65 (used Jan 2023). And it worked! We only spent around $35 for month one! There was another coupon code where we could save half, but this one was even better! Just google “coupon codes Just Right dog food” and see what comes up. I always do this no matter what I am purchasing online!

And as an aside, if you haven’t already, join Rakuten! You literally get a check every 3 months for just using their website to get to your store online to make a purchase you were already going to make. So easy! I’ve earned over $700 since I joined just by using it. I don’t think there’s a link on there for this particular dog food, but they add brands every day!

Our Just Right Dog Food is On the Way

We will make sure and update everyone when we get it. Since she has been use to eating Purina ProPlan food, we will do as we always do when switching foods for our dogs. We slowly transition them over.

It helps their digestive systems out and will avoid any bad stomach upset or possible diarrhea. It is possible you may notice a little bit of stool differences when switching food. With a special blend that is Just Right for your dog, it ought to agree well with him or her. Here’s to hoping Just Right dog food is just that… just right!

If we find that it works well for Dumplin,’ we may switch our other dogs over to it!

It’s Here! We got our Just Right Food via FedEx Last Night

My son FaceTimed me yesterday to let me know the dog food was here! The bag is so cute! It has Dumplin’s sweet face on it. We actually have two bags. Since we have a large breed dog, we need more food! And let me tell you… Dumplin’ LOVED it! We, of course, let her have a little bit of it last night. She gobbles it right up!

The only downside is they forgot to put our scoop in there. Apparently, they give you a scoop to assist you in giving your pet the right amount of food each time you feed him or her. Well, it isn’t in the shipping box anywhere. And it isn’t in either bag. Guess I will be emailing or chatting them to figure that part out.

This morning, we gave her 1/4 new Just Right dog food and 3/4 her normal food. We will slowly transition her and cross our fingers that it works well for her!