So we opened our business today! I inadvertently skipped a week of writing due to being so completely consumed with getting the doors open to The Furry Farmhouse. But, we opened today, and we survived! We also discovered that Otis, our Saint Berdoodle puppy from Beau and Waffle’s first litter of puppies, makes an awesome lobby dog and temperament tester. We never would have guessed it!

Ya see, we never would have dreamed Otis would be the dog to do this. We had hoped he would. Honestly, when we decided to keep him (our EIGHTH dog), we intended for him to be the lobby dog at the business. But his behavior at home led us to believe this might not work.

He is only 5 months old, and still very much a puppy. He may weight 50 pounds, but his overall demeanor is full of puppy like characteristics. He has become known around our house as “the foodie.” He can sniff out food from what seems like a mile away. You open a can of something, he’s there. He hears a bag of chips crackle, he’s there.

Otis is also the one who never wants to go in his crate. Finn, the 5-month old standard poodle, and Rosie, Otis’ sister, are so very obedient and go willingly as soon as we call them. Otis, on the other hand, rarely comes to the crate when called. He will sit down and look the other direction, blatantly ignoring whomever is calling for him to go in the crate.

We just assumed that his behavior may cause an issue when it came to being our calm, loving lobby dog and temperament tester. But y’all. He was GREAT today! We couldn’t have asked for a better dude! At 5 months old, he was so chill and relaxed around other dogs. He didn’t growl or bark at anyone, just wagged his tail and inquisitively sniffed around.

I know everyone has their favorite breed. But these Saint Berdoodles are amazing. Otis is a special guy.