saint berdoodle
Waffles with her babies on the night she delivered her very first litter.

So Many Adorable Saint Berdoodle Puppies!

It’s hard to believe those Saint Berdoodle puppies are now almost 4 months old and some weigh 50 pounds at this point! We were blessed to have had nine healthy st berdoodle puppies, and a mother who did such an amazing job with those babies. We also have amazing families that provide them with loving homes!

It was interesting to see the color patterns Waffles and Beau had. We had two mostly white/cream/tan puppies, three black and white (we called them “Holstein puppies”), and 4 tri-color puppies. They were all just gorgeous.

What is a Saint Berdoodle?

A Saint Berdoodle is a mix between a Saint Bernard and a poodle. They are considered a mixed breed, or doodle, as some would call them. Our momma, Waffles, is a Saint Bernard. However, our dad, Beau, is a standard poodle. They live with us at home. So far, Waffles had had two litters of puppies. The above picture is from her first litter.

Are They Really Gentle Giants?

These babies really do grow into gentle giants. We kept two Saint Berdoodle puppies from this litter. We kept one the cream girls and one the black and white males – Rosie and Otis. These two are the sweetest, goofiest dogs you will ever meet. If you are wanting a family dog, St Berdoodles fit the bill. As a part of the family, they like to lay around a lot, but are also up for family adventures.

Are They High Maintenance?

Yes and no. If you want their coats to stay tangle-free, daily brushing is important. But if you are okay with the curly coat that tangles from time to time, and willing to maintain them with professional grooming appointments every 6 weeks or so, then weekly brushing would suffice. If you don’t take them to the groomer on a regular schedule and you don’t brush them daily, their coat will mat. And then you will have to shave them! (If you’re looking for a good brush, visit Chewy – they have all kinds!)

Saint berdoodles overall demeanor is not high maintenance at all. They are fairly laid back, easy-going dogs. And they do like to be wherever you are.

Thinking about Getting a Saint Berdoodle?

If you are thinking about getting one of these awesome dogs, we would love for you to reach out to us! Fill in your email below, and we will get you on our mailing list. That way, you can stay up to date! Don’t wait too long, though, our wait list is filling up for the next litter.