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Welcome to The Furry Farmhouse Blog! We will post a variety of things here, including information about Saint Berdoodles, Bernedoodles, tips for breeders, and the latest happenings at The Furry Farmhouse!

We Love Saint Berdoodles and Bernedoodles

Here at The Furry Farmhouse, we love dogs.  We particularly love Saint Berdoodles and Bernedoodles.  You will find our love for these breeds throughout your readings at The Furry Farmhouse blog.

A Part of Our Family

All of our dogs are considered our family.  They stay at our home, which brings its own set of challenges. But we love them, and decided when we started this, that they would be loved and cared for – a part of the family.

A few years ago, we decided to dip our toes into breeding.  We got Waffles and Beau, a Saint Bernard and a Standard Poodle, and thus far, have had two litters of Saint Berdoodle puppies.

Around a year ago, we got Dumplin,’ a sweetheart Bernese Mountain dog.  If all goes as planned, she will have our first litter of Bernedoodles.

Saint Berdoodle Puppies Have Arrived

Saint Berdoodle Puppies are HERE!

🐾 TWO Litters Born on THANKSGIVING Day! 🐾





See Available Puppies HERE. 🐾

Contact us via email at or business phone at 270-678-9622, or via web chat below.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Grooming a Saint Berdoodle

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The Furry Farmhouse YouTube Channel

The Furry Farmhouse on YouTube!

Did you know The Furry Farmhouse has a YouTube channel?! Check out a recent video below!

Watch as Mom and J-Baby talk about the possibility of an upcoming Saint Berdoodle litter!

It is difficult to talk about ANYTHING with this many dogs running around!

Keep watching to see Jackson discover just where the stinch is coming from! 

YouTube Channel Deets!


What will you see on The Furry Farmhouse YouTube?

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The Furry Farmhouse YouTube channel also features shorts of funny moments with our crazy pooches.  

What Did You Eat, Sophie?!

Did Otis Catch That?! Watch Otis as He Tries to Catch the Wunderball

Join us as we talk about all things dog! You will likely see and hear what our everyday life is like in the video above.  With so many dogs, life gets very interesting!

Imagine having 9 of your dog!

It is always an adventure when the UPS or FedEx man stops by for a visit.  Or when a contractor comes to the house for any reason.  Where do we put them all? Do they all get along? How do we manage to keep the house clean? Does our house smell like dogs?

What is breeding dogs like? What is it like running a dog boarding business while also balancing dog breeding?  How do we breed responsibly? How do we afford the dog food?!

How do you afford the vet bills? Where do the dogs sleep?

Join us on YouTube as we answer all your questions and share a peak into our lives with 9 dogs!

Saint Berdoodle Puppy Litter?

Saint Berdoodle Puppies Coming Soon?

saint berdoodle puppy litter

Saint Berdoodle puppies coming soon?! Stay tuned – we may have a Saint Berdoodle puppy litter! Waffles and Beau just might have some news coming up. 🐾

Don’t wait! Get on our puppy wait list now! Spots filling up…


Looking for more information about Saint Berdoodle Puppies?


Is a Saint Berdoodle Right For You?

Price of a Saint Berdoodle Puppy

Grooming a Saint Berdoodle

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The Bernedoodle Lifespan

bernedoodle lifespan

The Bernedoodle lifespan is estimated to be 12 to 15 years. However, Standard Bernedoodles will live on the shorter end of the spectrum. In comparison, mini and toy bernedoodles will likely live longer, given their smaller size. Some estimates are even up to 18 years of age with toy and mini bernedoodles.

Size Matters!

Larger dogs have shorter lifespans than small breeds. This is due to their overall size. Greater demands on the body make for a shorter lifespan, unfortunately.

Other Factors Impacting Bernedoodle Lifespan

The bernedoodle lifespan depends on many factors – genetics, nutrition, breed, activity level, etc.  

So, to ensure your dog has a long, healthy life:

1. Purchase a Puppy from Health-Tested Parents

Tests like Embark genetic testing provide genetic test results to breeders, allowing you to make a confident and informed purchase.  The Bernedoodle lifespan will likely be longer if it has clear and healthy genes.

2. Feed Quality Dog Food

We use Purina Proplan, Purina Just Right dog food, and Royal Canin. All are higher-end dog foods, and their price tag reflects that. However, you can know you are feeding the proper nutrients at the correct percentages.

3. Know Your Breed

Different breeds are known for different health issues. Bernese Mountain dogs, as a giant breed, are more prone to bloat (twisting of the stomach causing quick death) and knee and hip dysplasia.  Similarly,  Standard poodles can experience bloat, hip dysplasia, Addison’s disease, and more. Again, genetics plays a vital role here.

4. Exercise Your Dog Regularly

Just like humans, Bernedoodle lifespan is affected by their cardiovascular health. Regular exercise promotes a healthy heart and weight.

5. Make Time for Bonding

Your dog wants to spend time with you!  


Wrapping It Up

Health-tested dogs with good genes will likely outlive dogs that carry genes for health problems. Dogs fed a nutritious diet, including recommended nutrients, quality dog food, and more, will probably live to an older age. Regular exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle, thus lengthening the dog’s lifespan. And let’s remember the importance of bonding. Personal interaction with your dog contributes to an overall healthy canine.

Remember that Bernedoodle Lifespan varies. Their life expectancy is dependent upon many factors. As mentioned above, there are interventions we can provide our dogs to increase their lifespan. Ensure you implement these to provide your dog with the best life possible.

Merle Bernedoodle: Know Before You Buy

merle bernedoodle

Are you looking for a merle bernedoodle? Wanting to know more about merle bernedoodles? It is a lot to take in.  

Key Points:

1. Know the Breeder – Reputable!

2. Know the Parents – Healthy, Happy, and Type of Dogs

3. Avoid Double Doodles

Knowing more about the merle bernedoodle trait, other than how beautiful the dog appears, may make you reconsider. But then again, if bred responsibly, it may not.

What is “Merle?”

Merle refers to the color pattern of the coat of a dog. It is a dilution gene, meaning it dilutes or lightens the dog’s coat in places.

When you think of the merle bernedoodle, you may think of its beautiful characteristics in dogs: the whites, blues, grays, blue eyes… these dogs, indeed, are remarkable. 

When selecting a merle bernedoodle puppy, please be sure you purchase from a responsible breeder. Merle puppies are known to have more health problems, primarily related to their eyes, ears, neurological system, and immune system.

Also, beware of “double merles.” A double merle results from a dog with a merle gene being bred to a dog with a merle gene. This will result in puppies that are significantly disabled, including but not limited to blindness, deafness, neurologic and immune issues.

Blue Merle Bernedoodle

blue merle bernedoodle

According to the AKC, a blue merle coat consists of “solid black on gray.” The color variations you will see on the blue merle bernedoodle will be very similar to what you see in the picture above. Although not a bernedoodle, the traits are very similar.

Finding a blue merle bernedoodle may be a challenge. And if you do find one, expect to pay $3,000 plus for the puppy. This price tag is due to the rarity of the dog.

Genetically, the mother or the father must possess the merle gene for the puppy to express the merle coat. And even in that situation, a litter is not guaranteed to have a merle puppy.  

*Make sure you know who mom and dad are! I have read reports of breeders mixing a “Bernedoodle” with an Australian Shepherd known to have the merle gene. The resulting dog is NOT entirely a Bernedoodle.  

Also check out: Other types of bernedoodles, such as phantom bernedoodles, or unfurnished bernedoodles

Unfurnished Bernedoodle, Say What?

unfurnished bernedoodle

When it comes to dogs, terminology is confusing! Furnished? Unfurnished? What does it mean? An unfurnished bernedoodle is simply a bernedoodle that has the fluffy doodle coat, especially around its face, specifically around the eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

What is an Unfurnished Bernedoodle?

Yes! That’s it! The term unfurnished simply refers to the “fluffiness,” as I like to call it, of the dog. Especially in the face. So if you are wanting a dog that is fluffy and the typical doodle look, you want an unfurnished bernedoodle.

On the flip side, if you want a dog that resembles more of the poodle face (think less hairy face, longer, more prominent snout), then you want a furnished bernedoodle. The poodle is a furnished breed. The bernedoodle is an unfurnished breed.

Genetics play a BIG role

Genetics play a big role in the furnishings of a bernedoodle. Unfurnished bernedoodles are no exception. If we get specifically into all of the genetics at play when it comes to this question, it will get very deep very fast. If you just keep in mind the basics, and I do mean very basics:

Fluffy (especially around the face) = unfurnished bernedoodle

Let’s Look At Our Past Saint Berdoodle Litter

To compare, lets look at unfurnished bernedoodles and unfurnished saint berdoodles.

When I think about furnishings, one past puppy comes to mind. He is such a beautiful dog! His name is Murphy. He is a sweet baby from our second litter of Saint Berdoodle puppies. When he was born, he looked different than the others. Less hair, more prominent snout, more poodle-like. Definitely not like an unfurnished dog – be it unfurnished bernedoodle or unfurnished saint berdoodle.

If you look at our Facebook Breeding page, and you scroll back to this last Saint Berdoodle litter, you’ll see Cookie. That’s what we called him! Now, he’s Murphy.

On the flip side, take a look at Riggins. He is much fluffier! He, too, is gorgeous! Riggins is what I would consider unfurnished, meaning he has a much fluffier coat than Murphy. His parents do a very good job of keeping him brushed!

Though these guys aren’t unfurnished bernedoodles, the same principle applies.

Phantom Bernedoodle

phantom berbedoodle

Looking for a phantom bernedoodle, or just trying to figure out what the “phantom” part means? Is a tricolor bernedoodle different? No worries! We will help break it down.

What is a Phantom Bernedoodle?

The word “phantom” when describing a dog’s coat simply means the dog’s coat is two different colors. However, one color takes over the majority of the body. While the other color is in specific places on the body. The places on the body the second color may occur is on the eyebrows, the chest, the muzzle, the lower legs, and sometimes the ears or tail.

Phantom simply describes the way the dog’s coat appears. Bernese Mountain dogs have very specific markings. When bred to a poodle, not all Bernedoodles will be phantom bernedoodles. It’s all in the genetics! Just like humans arrive with freckles, with brown or blonde hair, with or without a birth mark, dogs also are unique genetically.

Many families seek phantom bernedoodles, as they look more like the Bernese Mountain dog, but with more of a poodle coat texture.

How is a Tricolor Bernedoodle different?

Technically, a phantom coat is two colors. However, the tricolor bernedoodle is also often called a phantom tricolor bernedoodle. The reason? Your guess is as good as mine.

To me, it seems the phantom bernedoodle and the tricolor bernedoodle are one and the same. I could be wrong. And if I am, I will gladly change the article. I am still learning about all of these genetic variations in coat colors, as well.

From the best I can tell, though, the terms can be used interchangeably.

Does The Furry Farmhouse Have Any Upcoming Puppies?

Our momma Bernese Mountain dog is Dumplin’. She is currently (at the writing of this post) about 8 months old. We anticipate it will still be around a year or so before she has her first litter. But, yes, we anticipate some or all of these puppies to be phantom, or tri-color, bernedoodles. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in-the-know about upcoming litters!

Is Just Right Dog Food by Purina Worth It?

just right dog food

The Cost of the Food – Is it Just Right?

Just Right dog food is on the high end – ain’t gonna lie. So, the cost of the food is a consideration. We purchased the food for our Bernese Mountain Dog, Dumplin’. Her total came to around $90 for 28 days worth of food, which according to Purina Just Right, was a little over $3 a day for her food.

She is use to eating Purina Pro Plan specialty food already, so this really isn’t a huge jump cost wise for us. We have been paying close to $70 for a large bag of this food from Chewy.

See our post about our dog, Waffles, and how she did with Purina ProPlan food.

We’ve discovered Dumplin’ really cannot eat any food with chicken in it, as she has really soft stool to the point of diarrhea. So when thinking about a food catered to her specifically, Just Right dog food seemed worth a try.

Overall, this food is NOT a cheap food. But if you are desiring a blend of dog food specifically designed to meet your dog’s needs, you may be willing to pay for it.

It Comes With Your Dog’s Picture on the Bag!

It may seem silly, but the fact that I can upload a picture of our dog to be placed on the packaging of the bag, makes it so much more exciting! It’s fun finding a photo of Dumplin’ to put on the bag. The preview of the bag is so cute!

The Just Right Ordering Process

The ordering process is actually very simple. We go through a series of questions related to our dog, and then at the end, are presented with the option to purchase. So you can actually go through the whole ordering process to see what they recommend for your dog, without actually having to purchase.

Make Sure You Try to Find a Coupon Code!

Always, always search for a coupon code online when ordering anything! We were able to find a coupon code for the Just Right dog food on Honey – SAVE65 (used Jan 2023). And it worked! We only spent around $35 for month one! There was another coupon code where we could save half, but this one was even better! Just google “coupon codes Just Right dog food” and see what comes up. I always do this no matter what I am purchasing online!

And as an aside, if you haven’t already, join Rakuten! You literally get a check every 3 months for just using their website to get to your store online to make a purchase you were already going to make. So easy! I’ve earned over $700 since I joined just by using it. I don’t think there’s a link on there for this particular dog food, but they add brands every day!

Our Just Right Dog Food is On the Way

We will make sure and update everyone when we get it. Since she has been use to eating Purina ProPlan food, we will do as we always do when switching foods for our dogs. We slowly transition them over.

It helps their digestive systems out and will avoid any bad stomach upset or possible diarrhea. It is possible you may notice a little bit of stool differences when switching food. With a special blend that is Just Right for your dog, it ought to agree well with him or her. Here’s to hoping Just Right dog food is just that… just right!

If we find that it works well for Dumplin,’ we may switch our other dogs over to it!

It’s Here! We got our Just Right Food via FedEx Last Night

My son FaceTimed me yesterday to let me know the dog food was here! The bag is so cute! It has Dumplin’s sweet face on it. We actually have two bags. Since we have a large breed dog, we need more food! And let me tell you… Dumplin’ LOVED it! We, of course, let her have a little bit of it last night. She gobbles it right up!

The only downside is they forgot to put our scoop in there. Apparently, they give you a scoop to assist you in giving your pet the right amount of food each time you feed him or her. Well, it isn’t in the shipping box anywhere. And it isn’t in either bag. Guess I will be emailing or chatting them to figure that part out.

This morning, we gave her 1/4 new Just Right dog food and 3/4 her normal food. We will slowly transition her and cross our fingers that it works well for her!

Top 3 Saint Berdoodle Dog Toys

Having Saint Berdoodles calls for finding dog toys that are nearly indestructible.  We have been through so many dog toys.  Most have not survived!  There have been a few, however, that have withstood the test of the Saint Berdoodle, or large breed dogs, in general.

We have tried so many dog toys.  Among the various brands, one has stood out.  Kong.  Kong toys have lasted the longest at our household.  Not all of them have made it out unscathed or even survived… but a few have.  Here we will share with you 3 of the large breed dog toys, particularly our Saint Berdoodles, have not been immediately able to destroy.  Or shred to pieces…


3. The Kong Frisbee


We recently tried the Kong Frisbee.  It is actually called The Kong Flyer on Amazon.  Ours is red.  The Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Dumplin, we have now particularly loves this toy.  She chews and chews on it, and it has barely shown any wear.  It’s funny.  If you throw it toward her, she’s actually afraid of it!  I think it must be a Bernese Mountain Dog trait, or just her personality.

We are new to the Bernese Mountain dogs.  Dumplin is only about 7 months old, and we continue to fight the chewing battle.

Find the Kong Frisbee HERE at Amazon or HERE at Chewy.


2. The Kong Classic Rubber Toy


You may or may not be familiar with the Kong Classic Rubber toy.  This dog toy comes in various sizes.  We recommend the XL or XXL size.  The XXL size can be hard to come by, and you may end up paying more for it.  The XL will likely suffice for your large dog or Saint Berdoodle needs.

It has a hollow center you can stuff with treats.  We find Peanut Butter is a MUCH cheaper alternative to the food-like dog paste you can buy at the pet stores.  That, or you can find various size treats that will fit inside the hollow center.  If you buy the treats in bulk from places like Rural King or your local Walmart, etc, you can save a lot of money.

Just be careful not to over-do the treats.  Dogs only need so much per day.  Too much can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.  Been there, done that.

Our dogs love playing with this toy even without the added benefit of a treat.  We frequently find Rosie, one of our female Saint Berdoodles, packing this around our yard, in her mouth.  It’s funny, because she reminds me of the classic Saint Bernard with a barrel around her neck, only she’s packing the Kong Classic.

Find the Kong Classic XXL HERE at Amazon or HERE at Chewy.  They also offer the XL size, as well.


1. The Wunderball


Y’all.  This is THE BEST TOY hands down our Saint Berdoodles have had.  We found it inially in downtown Savannah, GA while on vacation at a local dog shop there.  We were told by the store owner that this toy was nearly indestructible.  Of course, we had to try it.  He claimed he knew a police officer that had a German Shepherd that couldn’t destroy the toy.

It was around $20 I think, but we decided we’d give it a try.  This has been almost a year ago, and it is still alive!  It’s a little less of a ball than it once was, but it’s still going strong!

We lost it one time, so we decided to get a new one online.  The ONLY place I’ve been able to find it is at Chewy.  The downside of ordering it on Chewy is that you cannot choose your color.  You get sent a random color.  We initially had a pink one, but were sent a green one the second time.  The pink is easier to see in the yard.  But the green one is a neon green.

Find The Wunderball HERE at Chewy.


And there you have it.  The Top 3 Saint Berdoodle, or Large Breed, dog toys we’ve come across.  They have demonstrated they are safe, as our dogs have been unable to chew off pieces they could swallow.  And they have demonstrated longevity.  This is rare with large dog toys!

Saint Berdoodle Puppy Update

It has been awhile since we updated regarding our Saint Berdoodles!  We’ve just been so busy at the business and with life, I haven’t taken the time to post.  After two litters of Saint Berdoodle puppies, Waffles has been busy resting and gaining weight.  She has been enjoying life at home, just being a normal Saint Bernard.

Beau, our Standard Poodle stud, has also been enjoying life at home with us.  He and Waffles run around and play together.  He is his normal, shy, intelligent self.  Waffles loves to interact with him, and it is so fun to watch them together.

It’s been about 6-7 months since Waffles’ last litter was delivered.  I anticipate she could go into heat at any time.  We’ve debated whether or not this could be her last litter.  Initially, we wanted her to have 4 to 5 litters.  From research, this is a safe number of litters for one momma to have.  She has done very well with both prior litters and delivered beautiful, healthy puppies.  We just don’t want to tempt fate, I guess.  I worry she could have more complications with future litters.  We’ve been very fortunate thus far.

Beau has been doing great.  He is such a good dog.  He just goes with the flow, and he makes some beautiful Saint Berdoodle puppies.  Our prior litters have been mixed with tri-color, creams, and even black and white.  

We love to get updates from our puppy families.  If you haven’t seen Riggins “Big Rig,” from this past litter, you have to!  His family has an IG dedicated to him, and it is awesome.  We love this family, and it is obvious Riggins is living it up!