The Furry Farmhouse on YouTube!

Did you know The Furry Farmhouse has a YouTube channel?! Check out a recent video below!

Watch as Mom and J-Baby talk about the possibility of an upcoming Saint Berdoodle litter!

It is difficult to talk about ANYTHING with this many dogs running around!

Keep watching to see Jackson discover just where the stinch is coming from! 

YouTube Channel Deets!


What will you see on The Furry Farmhouse YouTube?

Information and Tips about:


  • Upcoming Dog Litters
  • Dog Boarding, Daycare, Grooming
  • Dog Breeding
  • Saint Berdoodle dogs
  • Bernedoodle dogs
  • Bernese Mountain dogs
  • Saint Bernards
  • Standard Poodles

The Furry Farmhouse YouTube channel also features shorts of funny moments with our crazy pooches.  

What Did You Eat, Sophie?!

Did Otis Catch That?! Watch Otis as He Tries to Catch the Wunderball

Join us as we talk about all things dog! You will likely see and hear what our everyday life is like in the video above.  With so many dogs, life gets very interesting!

Imagine having 9 of your dog!

It is always an adventure when the UPS or FedEx man stops by for a visit.  Or when a contractor comes to the house for any reason.  Where do we put them all? Do they all get along? How do we manage to keep the house clean? Does our house smell like dogs?

What is breeding dogs like? What is it like running a dog boarding business while also balancing dog breeding?  How do we breed responsibly? How do we afford the dog food?!

How do you afford the vet bills? Where do the dogs sleep?

Join us on YouTube as we answer all your questions and share a peak into our lives with 9 dogs!