Having Saint Berdoodles calls for finding dog toys that are nearly indestructible.  We have been through so many dog toys.  Most have not survived!  There have been a few, however, that have withstood the test of the Saint Berdoodle, or large breed dogs, in general.

We have tried so many dog toys.  Among the various brands, one has stood out.  Kong.  Kong toys have lasted the longest at our household.  Not all of them have made it out unscathed or even survived… but a few have.  Here we will share with you 3 of the large breed dog toys, particularly our Saint Berdoodles, have not been immediately able to destroy.  Or shred to pieces…


3. The Kong Frisbee


We recently tried the Kong Frisbee.  It is actually called The Kong Flyer on Amazon.  Ours is red.  The Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Dumplin, we have now particularly loves this toy.  She chews and chews on it, and it has barely shown any wear.  It’s funny.  If you throw it toward her, she’s actually afraid of it!  I think it must be a Bernese Mountain Dog trait, or just her personality.

We are new to the Bernese Mountain dogs.  Dumplin is only about 7 months old, and we continue to fight the chewing battle.

Find the Kong Frisbee HERE at Amazon or HERE at Chewy.


2. The Kong Classic Rubber Toy


You may or may not be familiar with the Kong Classic Rubber toy.  This dog toy comes in various sizes.  We recommend the XL or XXL size.  The XXL size can be hard to come by, and you may end up paying more for it.  The XL will likely suffice for your large dog or Saint Berdoodle needs.

It has a hollow center you can stuff with treats.  We find Peanut Butter is a MUCH cheaper alternative to the food-like dog paste you can buy at the pet stores.  That, or you can find various size treats that will fit inside the hollow center.  If you buy the treats in bulk from places like Rural King or your local Walmart, etc, you can save a lot of money.

Just be careful not to over-do the treats.  Dogs only need so much per day.  Too much can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.  Been there, done that.

Our dogs love playing with this toy even without the added benefit of a treat.  We frequently find Rosie, one of our female Saint Berdoodles, packing this around our yard, in her mouth.  It’s funny, because she reminds me of the classic Saint Bernard with a barrel around her neck, only she’s packing the Kong Classic.

Find the Kong Classic XXL HERE at Amazon or HERE at Chewy.  They also offer the XL size, as well.


1. The Wunderball


Y’all.  This is THE BEST TOY hands down our Saint Berdoodles have had.  We found it inially in downtown Savannah, GA while on vacation at a local dog shop there.  We were told by the store owner that this toy was nearly indestructible.  Of course, we had to try it.  He claimed he knew a police officer that had a German Shepherd that couldn’t destroy the toy.

It was around $20 I think, but we decided we’d give it a try.  This has been almost a year ago, and it is still alive!  It’s a little less of a ball than it once was, but it’s still going strong!

We lost it one time, so we decided to get a new one online.  The ONLY place I’ve been able to find it is at Chewy.  The downside of ordering it on Chewy is that you cannot choose your color.  You get sent a random color.  We initially had a pink one, but were sent a green one the second time.  The pink is easier to see in the yard.  But the green one is a neon green.

Find The Wunderball HERE at Chewy.


And there you have it.  The Top 3 Saint Berdoodle, or Large Breed, dog toys we’ve come across.  They have demonstrated they are safe, as our dogs have been unable to chew off pieces they could swallow.  And they have demonstrated longevity.  This is rare with large dog toys!