unfurnished bernedoodle

When it comes to dogs, terminology is confusing! Furnished? Unfurnished? What does it mean? An unfurnished bernedoodle is simply a bernedoodle that has the fluffy doodle coat, especially around its face, specifically around the eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

What is an Unfurnished Bernedoodle?

Yes! That’s it! The term unfurnished simply refers to the “fluffiness,” as I like to call it, of the dog. Especially in the face. So if you are wanting a dog that is fluffy and the typical doodle look, you want an unfurnished bernedoodle.

On the flip side, if you want a dog that resembles more of the poodle face (think less hairy face, longer, more prominent snout), then you want a furnished bernedoodle. The poodle is a furnished breed. The bernedoodle is an unfurnished breed.

Genetics play a BIG role

Genetics play a big role in the furnishings of a bernedoodle. Unfurnished bernedoodles are no exception. If we get specifically into all of the genetics at play when it comes to this question, it will get very deep very fast. If you just keep in mind the basics, and I do mean very basics:

Fluffy (especially around the face) = unfurnished bernedoodle

Let’s Look At Our Past Saint Berdoodle Litter

To compare, lets look at unfurnished bernedoodles and unfurnished saint berdoodles.

When I think about furnishings, one past puppy comes to mind. He is such a beautiful dog! His name is Murphy. He is a sweet baby from our second litter of Saint Berdoodle puppies. When he was born, he looked different than the others. Less hair, more prominent snout, more poodle-like. Definitely not like an unfurnished dog – be it unfurnished bernedoodle or unfurnished saint berdoodle.

If you look at our Facebook Breeding page, and you scroll back to this last Saint Berdoodle litter, you’ll see Cookie. That’s what we called him! Now, he’s Murphy.

On the flip side, take a look at Riggins. He is much fluffier! He, too, is gorgeous! Riggins is what I would consider unfurnished, meaning he has a much fluffier coat than Murphy. His parents do a very good job of keeping him brushed!

Though these guys aren’t unfurnished bernedoodles, the same principle applies.