The Furry Farmhouse

Initial Evaluation

Furry Friends should have an initial evaluation or “Temperament Test” in order to participate in Daycare or Boarding. This is a 10-20 minute process of introducing your dog to our staff and other similar dogs to figure out his or her temperament, play style and activity level.

Don’t worry! If a Group Daycare setting is not for them, they may still be able to stay with us, though not allowed in group play settings.

We ask that new clients reserve a “Temperament Test” time slot in advance through our website or by calling us directly. 

If this is not possible, we can sometimes offer same day tests as a courtesy, or make other arrangements.

Before your dog’s evaluation, please ensure you have met all of our requirements, which include: signed forms, your dog being current on all required vaccinations & on flea and tick prevention, and has been in good health for the past 14 days.