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This does not obligate you to a particular puppy. We just like to be aware of which puppies may be adopted first, so we can make other interested adopters aware of puppies that may be available when they apply.

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It is important to us these puppies go to homes that will be their forever homes. Large breed puppies sometimes require considerations not all families are aware of.

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  • Please keep in mind that the more flexible you are about size, sex, color, etc., the more likely you are to find a suitable puppy
  • The more specific you are about aesthetic requirements, the longer you should expect it to take to find a puppy to “match” your requirements
  • Breeding is a complex endeavor, and our first priorities will always be health and temperament, not color or other aesthetic traits.
  • We are not the breeder for you if you want to “order” a “customized” puppy that is within a very restricted criteria list.
  • That said, we will, of course, do our best to match you with the puppy you find most visually appealing; however, we do not guarantee availability of traits such as coat or coat type.


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Puppy Plans

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Please Read and Agree to the Following:

  • I understand that this puppy is not to be bred and is required to be spayed/neutered, and I am subject to significant fines and other damages as stated in the contract if not spayed/neutered, and/or is bred.
  • I understand that the contract requires spay/neuter between 6 and 12 months of age, no exceptions.
  • I understand these requirements are in the purchase contract for the puppy and will not be changed after you sign your contract.  For this reason, we recommend you discuss this with your vet PRIOR to making your deposit.
  • Yes, I agree to the spay/neuter and no-breeding condition of this contract.
  • I understand that I am getting a puppy and that no matter how well prepared and trained my puppy is, it is still a baby and I should expect my puppy to have accidents in the house and crate, to cry and bark, to nip and bite, and to require a great deal of patience and attention.  I understand that these are normal puppy behaviors and that I expect them to happen.
  • I understand that dogs have grooming requirements. Saint Berdoodles require frequent grooming (recommended every 6-8 weeks). Frequent brushing (daily) is also recommended.
  • I understand that the ears of my dog will need to be cleaned periodically, at the very least with each grooming appointment.
  • I understand that puppies have delicate digestive systems and that changing the food my puppy goes home eating can cause severe gastric distress.  It is strongly recommended I use the same food as my breeder uses until the puppy is at least 4 months of age and when changing food, slowly transition to the new food.
  • I agree that if I am ever unable to care for my puppy/dog or desire to get rid of my puppy/dog, I will surrender my puppy/dog to The Furry Farmhouse LLC.
  • I understand there is no health guarantee on my puppy.
  • I have answered the above questions truthfully and understand that if any false statements have been given, The Furry Farmhouse LLC, reserves the right to refuse to sell a puppy to me and my deposit fee is forfeited.
  • By signing this application, I acknowledge that the deposit will not be refunded if I am given the opportunity to receive a puppy within 12 months of the date of deposit payment or 6 months of my decision to “pass” on a puppy/litter, whichever is sooner.
  • By entering my name in this text box, or by signing, I agree that the signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature.
  • I understand and agree to payment terms. A $500 deposit will be required upon acceptance of your application and will apply toward the total cost of the puppy.
  • Puppy Companion/Pet Payments are as follows: $500 deposit to reserve a puppy (selection occurs in order of deposits paid), remaining balance due at puppy pick up.
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We provide as much guidance, support, and education as we can about each of these topics, but ultimately it is your responsibility to be an educated and informed puppy parent.