The Furry Farmhouse

Poodle Studs

At The Furry Farmhouse, we have two standard poodles, Beau and Finn.

Beau is available for studding.  Finn is not yet old enough to stud.

For more information regarding our poodle studding, please contact us directly.

Phone: 270-678-9622



Beau is a white standard poodle.  He has tight curls, with dark spots under his white coat.  His first litter of Saint Berdoodle puppies with Waffles resulted in two white/tan females, three tri-color puppies, and four black and white spotted puppies.


Finn is a copper standard poodle.  He has tight curls, and has a beautiful red/brown copper coat with a small amount of cream mixed in.  He has a sweet, kind, playful personality.