Do Bernedoodles Shed?


Bernedoodles, just like any other doodle breed, will shed depending upon the amount of poodle vs. bernedoodle in them. It also depends on their genetics. Overall, Bernedoodles shed very little.


Let’s talk about genetics and how shed level varies depending on the breeding of the Bernedoodle. There are different types of Bernedoodles. F1, F1b, F2… it gets confusing. I know! Each type has more or less shedding. F1s have very little shed, but F1bs and F2s have even less. It’s because they have more poodle in them!

Do Bernedoodles Shed: Understanding the Lingo

Having a hard time understanding the lingo? F1? F2? F1b? What the heck?! To learn more about the different types (regardless of the doodle breed), see our Types of Doodles (link) page.

Our Bernedoodles at The Furry Farmhouse are F1 Bernedoodles. This means each puppy is 50% standard poodle and 50% Bernese Mountain dog. Why are these dogs so popular? (link)

Standard poodles are very low shed. Like, I’m talking not much at all. Bernese Mountain dogs are known to shed a lot. Surprisingly, when you breed the two, the result is a dog that sheds very little. You may notice a slight difference in the amount of shed from puppy to puppy.

Just like with kiddos, each puppy is different. Genetically, each puppy will get a varying amount of shed. Overall, we notice that most puppies do not shed much at all. This also makes them hypoallergenic (link to page about hypoallergenic)

How Will You Prepare Your Home?


Although Bernedoodle shedding is minimal, you may notice a very small amount of dog hair hanging around your floors and furniture. After all, this is a dog that is half Bernese Mountain dog. (Meet Dumplin, our sweet Bernese Mountain dog Momma!) This is a link I plan to get up and going soon.  If it isn’t active yet, and you want to see Dumplin’, head over to TikTok or YouTube.  There are plenty of videos on there of her to keep you entertained!

What types of products help with Bernedoodle shedding?

I have your back! With NINE dogs (yes, nine currently), I test and try so many dog products. We must have the most durable products on the market, as we have eight large breed dogs.

We go through couch covers, beds, rugs, carpet, flooring, toys, and food. I’m gonna be honest. Only a few make the cut. Most will not withstand the rigor of a 100-plus-pound dog or puppy.  Especially their teeth.

Are You Sure You’re Ready for a 100-plus-pound dog? 

Consider getting a DURABLE bed. My goodness… our Saint Berdoodles (Saint Bernard + Poodle) have destroyed so many beds. And then you have to worry about the dog swallowing a piece of the bed. And then you worry about an obstruction (blockage in the intestines)… Make sure you prepare for vet bills!

Get stainless steel water bowls. They are cheap, easy, and the most difficult to destroy. Our dogs chew up anything plastic. 😩

Get couch covers if you value your couch. The best I’ve found are from  They are washable and leakproof!  I absolutely LOVE THEM.  Do yourself a favor and spend the money on them.  You won’t regret it!

Get a couch cover for your bed, too. It has saved our blankets, sheets, and mattress so many times!

Get a Dyson cordless vacuum, a pet carpet cleaner, and a Tineco floor cleaner. This combo works marvelously for us. Buy pet floor cleaning products!

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