bernedoodle lifespan

The Bernedoodle lifespan is estimated to be 12 to 15 years. However, Standard Bernedoodles will live on the shorter end of the spectrum. In comparison, mini and toy bernedoodles will likely live longer, given their smaller size. Some estimates are even up to 18 years of age with toy and mini bernedoodles.

Size Matters!

Larger dogs have shorter lifespans than small breeds. This is due to their overall size. Greater demands on the body make for a shorter lifespan, unfortunately.

Other Factors Impacting Bernedoodle Lifespan

The bernedoodle lifespan depends on many factors – genetics, nutrition, breed, activity level, etc.  

So, to ensure your dog has a long, healthy life:

1. Purchase a Puppy from Health-Tested Parents

Tests like Embark genetic testing provide genetic test results to breeders, allowing you to make a confident and informed purchase.  The Bernedoodle lifespan will likely be longer if it has clear and healthy genes.

2. Feed Quality Dog Food

We use Purina Proplan, Purina Just Right dog food, and Royal Canin. All are higher-end dog foods, and their price tag reflects that. However, you can know you are feeding the proper nutrients at the correct percentages.

3. Know Your Breed

Different breeds are known for different health issues. Bernese Mountain dogs, as a giant breed, are more prone to bloat (twisting of the stomach causing quick death) and knee and hip dysplasia.  Similarly,  Standard poodles can experience bloat, hip dysplasia, Addison’s disease, and more. Again, genetics plays a vital role here.

4. Exercise Your Dog Regularly

Just like humans, Bernedoodle lifespan is affected by their cardiovascular health. Regular exercise promotes a healthy heart and weight.

5. Make Time for Bonding

Your dog wants to spend time with you!  


Wrapping It Up

Health-tested dogs with good genes will likely outlive dogs that carry genes for health problems. Dogs fed a nutritious diet, including recommended nutrients, quality dog food, and more, will probably live to an older age. Regular exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle, thus lengthening the dog’s lifespan. And let’s remember the importance of bonding. Personal interaction with your dog contributes to an overall healthy canine.

Remember that Bernedoodle Lifespan varies. Their life expectancy is dependent upon many factors. As mentioned above, there are interventions we can provide our dogs to increase their lifespan. Ensure you implement these to provide your dog with the best life possible.