Waffles and Purina Pro Plan Food

Not a lot to report on the breeding front. We continue to wait for Waffles to go into heat again. We obviously want her to be as healthy and as ready as possible. She looks SO GOOD right now. 

The above photo is her checking out the new grooming table at the business. 

We switched all of our dogs to Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials All Breeds Chicken Shreds formula. Like everything out there, I saw mixed reviews. But overall, it seemed like a reputable, good choice, recommended by vets. And the dogs are loving it. They eat it up and all seem to have gained a little weight! 

It does come at a cost. I’m telling y’all, though, I research prices like no other to find the best one. The best price I found was through a company called Fuzzy. We order a LOT of food, like 6 47 pound bags a month! We feed 8 dogs! 

I checked Chewy, multiple online stores, but came across a company called Fuzzy. Fuzzy offers a discount and low shipping ($2.50 TOTAL on 6 huge bags of dog food!) in exchange for an annual $99 membership. For us, it’s totally worth it. Membership includes access to vets and vet techs 24/7 for advice related to your animals. It helps avoid unnecessary vet calls and visits.  We love it! I even order their Frontline and other various products at a discount. 

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