After having a litter of F1 Saint Berdoodle puppies, I can tell you that this breed, though having a high shed dog as a parent (Saint Bernard), does not shed much. I do see a tiny bit of shed from our F1 puppies. I suspect F1b puppies would have little to no shed, as these puppies (assuming the pure bred is the poodle) would have more poodle in them than Saint. 

I’m actually surprised that F1s don’t shed more than they do. Saint Bernards shed so very much. I’d also venture to guess that the shed rate varies from puppy to puppy, litter to litter. That only makes sense from a genetic standpoint. The more poodle, the less shed. The more Saint, the more shed. 

As a breeder, I don’t think any of us could guarantee a shed level for an F1 Saint Berdoodle. It really depends on a variety of factors, including the coat of the parent as well as a number of genetic factors, making each individual puppy a little different.

Confused by the F1/F1b/F2 lingo? An F1 is a pure bred female to a pure bred male. For example, a Saint Bernard to a Standard Poodle. An F1B is a pure bred to a Saint Berdoodle. So, a Saint Bernard to a Saint Berdoodle, or a Standard Poodle to a Saint Berdoodle. An F2 is a Saint Berdoodle to a Saint Berdoodle.

Shed amount is directly related to the amount of poodle in the puppy. The more poodle, the less shed.