phantom berbedoodle

Looking for a phantom bernedoodle, or just trying to figure out what the “phantom” part means? Is a tricolor bernedoodle different? No worries! We will help break it down.

What is a Phantom Bernedoodle?

The word “phantom” when describing a dog’s coat simply means the dog’s coat is two different colors. However, one color takes over the majority of the body. While the other color is in specific places on the body. The places on the body the second color may occur is on the eyebrows, the chest, the muzzle, the lower legs, and sometimes the ears or tail.

Phantom simply describes the way the dog’s coat appears. Bernese Mountain dogs have very specific markings. When bred to a poodle, not all Bernedoodles will be phantom bernedoodles. It’s all in the genetics! Just like humans arrive with freckles, with brown or blonde hair, with or without a birth mark, dogs also are unique genetically.

Many families seek phantom bernedoodles, as they look more like the Bernese Mountain dog, but with more of a poodle coat texture.

How is a Tricolor Bernedoodle different?

Technically, a phantom coat is two colors. However, the tricolor bernedoodle is also often called a phantom tricolor bernedoodle. The reason? Your guess is as good as mine.

To me, it seems the phantom bernedoodle and the tricolor bernedoodle are one and the same. I could be wrong. And if I am, I will gladly change the article. I am still learning about all of these genetic variations in coat colors, as well.

From the best I can tell, though, the terms can be used interchangeably.

Does The Furry Farmhouse Have Any Upcoming Puppies?

Our momma Bernese Mountain dog is Dumplin’. She is currently (at the writing of this post) about 8 months old. We anticipate it will still be around a year or so before she has her first litter. But, yes, we anticipate some or all of these puppies to be phantom, or tri-color, bernedoodles. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in-the-know about upcoming litters!